Friday, February 8, 2013

The Best

I'm working on a top secret painting of my Grandma dying.  It is inspired by her beauty and grace which she so generously shared with us as she actively died.  What courage it took to die!  I am able to transport myself to that time as I paint her on a rather large canvas (for me).  I'm finding myself getting lost in her.

Ha!  I did not set out to write about this but to share a memory that has resurfaced in the sweetness of Penelope.  Pen has been tossing around compliments with ease telling us we are the best!  "You are the best Mommy!"  You are the best Daddy!"  "You are the best brother except you don't play with me!"

My Grandma shared this habit especially in her last years.  "This is the best watermelon ever!" she would declare on a weekly basis.  The same went for pizza, flowers, and tomatoes.

I love this critical claim that someone or something is the best.  Why not?  It might be your last bite of watermelon or your only mom.  Why not have the best?

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