Monday, October 22, 2012

Love - Scraps 12 thru 15 - Kitchen Witch?

 I made this heart collage to hang in my Grandma's room at the nursing home.  She had a bad accident two weeks ago and broke her neck.  Now that she is back home with my parents, it hangs by her bed.  I've always loved this picture of her and the family.  My Mom is the toe head in the front.  During this process of my Grandma's injury, I'm acutely aware of my compulsion to create (again) as a coping mechanism. 

Below are Scrap Quilt Squares #12 -  #15.  I like #14 a lot!  It's interesting to me to see which fabrics I keep returning to despite a huge variety in reserve. 

Finally, I finished my doll which I had intended to be a kitchen witch.  I haven't made a broom because I'm thinking that she is really something else.   Any ideas?  I also have no plans for this lady.  Do I make more?  Sell them?  It's a mystery!  
Scrap Quilt #12

Scrap Quilt #13

Scrap Quilt #14

Scrap Quilt #15

Give us a kiss!

I like her chin whiskers

Monday, October 15, 2012

Stash Baskets

 A new product from the loom--stash baskets for storing small items.  I wove them into tubes using a double weave construction.  Most of them are woven with t-shirt yarn (tarn), but I wove a couple with plarn (plastic bag yarn).  I really enjoyed weaving with the cut-up grocery bags.  I want to make market totes with the plarn.  So if you have interesting plastic bags meaning other than the weird jewel color, send them my way! 

plarn weaving

Kitchen Witch Intro

 I'm working on a doll that I had meant to have ready for the Fall Market at Nido yesterday.  She's further along than these pictures show, but thought I'd introduce her now.  Hello kitchen witch?!  Have the quality of these blog posts deteriorated?  I apologize!

I made a skirt!

 Inspired by my friend Amy's blog post, I made my first piece of clothing ever (barring scarves if they count).  I attempted to transform a shrunken jersey dress into a fun skirt.  I am certain I don't have the precision skills to make clothes, and I think the length of the skirt isn't any longer than the dress was.  (sad face)  At any rate, I had fun making it and enjoy wearing it.  I appliqued a jersey house from scraps and lots of embroidery.  You can see my inspiration below from mini boden.  I don't know what is says about me that I desire children's clothing for myself, and I can't believe I just said that.  I think I'll try this shirt to skirt project again.  I've already made a promise to Pen who has requested pink. 

Scrap Quilts 7-11

So, I'm plugging away at these whenever I can.  The weekend gets hairy, but one day I did two.  I'm not sure what I think about these other than I'm trying not to judge them--just them happen.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scrap #5 and #6

Square #5
 So, I'm losing my voice and am feeling pretty silent on the blog.  Here's the latest squares.  I haven't been able to keep up with everyday during a busy weekend.  I should be pretty steady now. 
How many squares can I make with this bushel?

Square #6

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scrap Quilt #4 and other bits

 So this stripey block was today's work.  I am not sure how it reflects my mood, except that I had the thought that using and sewing scraps just makes smaller scraps.  It's sort of an infinity problem, and I'm certain there is some law of physics that describes this phenomenon. 

 Impulsively, I bought this issue of Stuffed about crafting "softies."  I know there is some truth regarding humanity buried in the poly-fil of handmade dolls.  I'll let you know when I pluck it out.
 So, I painted my door yellow.  I think I'm done now with the home improvement projects.  My husband is wonderfully tolerant. 
I'm working on stash baskets, and I'm getting lots on my warp.  I'm going to try weaving with plarn (plastic bag yarn).  It's yet another way to up-cycle. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Scrap Quilt #3

I like this one.  It's dynamic!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scrap Quilt #2

So today's square has some fern motif fabric which I used in my very first quilt.  I made the quilt after I got married.  (Our wedding's theme was ferns.)  I dyed some of the fern scraps blue when I was at CCA in my weaving class.  I realized in piecing this that each scrap has a back story.  I could go on but will spare you the boring details.  Just another fabulous things about scraps. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Brand New Addition/Edition

One Canadian and One American, but I think they like each other
 So, I brought home a new loom for my studio!  I'm keeping it warm for my Mom and Dad who want to learn to weave but aren't ready to begin that process.  They are generously letting me use it in the meantime.  This loom is truly special because it comes from a dear friend who has had her for decades and woven many beautiful pieces on her.   Why two looms you ask?  I plan on keeping my original loom for making my ragtag rugs and short term projects, and I'll tie up long term projects on the new loom.  I'm deeply honored to be weaving on Martha's loom and can't wait to begin a project on her.  Also, I have so much gratitude and appreciation for my Dad and Pat for dismantling and reassembling the loom without losing their patience or tempers.  I salute you. (tipping hat gesture)  
Matha's Loom
 In my rush to transform each corner of my house into a reflection of my family, I am cautious to leave a small remnant preserved as if in a time capsule to remind me of those who lived in these walls before us.  The upstairs linen close walls are painted a curious flesh tone pink.  The shelves are lined with paper patterned decades ago.  The light fixture is the most beautiful in the house, and its bobble dangles peculiarly.  I love that I feel foreign in this space; it's the house's way of telling me it has history.
Closet Light Fixture

Vintage Shelf Paper

Stop-light Bobble

I'm constantly stream-lining the studio and pitching things that I simply can't store.  My scraps, however, are another story.  They keep growing, and I'm utterly unwilling to part with them.  So, I decided to go ahead and sew them together.  I've decided to make a 5" square a day in whatever way I feel inspired.  I'm thinking this might be an interesting experiment in creating a visual diary.  I wonder if design/color choices will reflect my mood or the weather.  Here is today's:
Scrap Quilt Square 1
Scraps from Scrap Quilting
5" Square Ruler--My Guide
Weaving tools from Martha

Another look at Martha' s loom.  I love this label on the side