Saturday, February 16, 2013

Looking for Next Adventure

 The above is a photo of my travel easel which will be super great on vacations, painting in my back yard and front porch, and other parts of my house or even your house.  It's framed by messy studio.

Below are my full palettes and waning tubes of paint.  After the rush of preparing for the Prairie Title show, I am having a sort of postpartum depression missing the focus and determination that accompanied the birth of that project.  Aside from wanting to paint more/exhibit more (OPAL and Dot to Dot)/add to and refine Etsy Shop, I've had some other ideas bouncing in my brain:
1.) Make a podcast featuring interviews with artists and creative types that would seek knowledge of the creative process and attempt to also understand creative motivations, obstructions, and fears.  Photos of the artists creative spaces would also play a part.
2.) Interview those of advanced age giving them a chance to tell their stories and paint portraits probably based on photos of my subjects.
3.) Make art derived from media stories which resonated with me.  Then, write about and link to the original piece. 
4.)  Gather histories and information about my Grandma and write about her life which spanned 1913 through 2012 as a means to gain a broader understanding of our cultural and my personal history.
5.) Grad-school in Art History
What's your vote?  Any other ideas out there?


  1. I'd love to help with #2 or #4. What's up with #5? Seriously? Cool!

    1. Nick-do you know anything about setting up podcasts? I'd love your help with 2 or 4 --we'll have to talk. . . And, I'm always serious! I'm grave in fact.