Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Couple

This is the last of my 8 new pieces which I added to my cache of 6 ( of which one is a diptych).  Tonight is installation.  I'm so excited to see everything hung and very grateful to have my sister's help!  Here are some lessons I've learned during these last couple of weeks:

1.  Just keep painting
2.  Sometimes its favorable to allow a painting to take the lead pulling me in a direction I hadn't intended.
3.  Allow for surprises
4.  Art making really is transformative
5.  No matter how much you intend to capture the other in a portrait, you can't help but ultimately paint yourself
6.  It takes courage to create

Here is more information regarding my show at Prarie Title Show.
I'll be sending a formal email invite later in the week.

I feel like good things are on the horizon, and although I'm uncertain what challenge is next for me, I'm excited for it!

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