Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aunt Gerrie's Gold

 A few years ago Pat's Great Aunt Gerrie gave me her beloved gold leather fabric.  At the time, I made her some pillows, and later on, I made leaf earrings with it.  Still, she inquires about my plans for "the gold".  I should mention that Gerrie regards my sewing skills as more advanced than they actually are and thinks that her fabric is perfect for gilt clothing.  Having basic sewing skills, I decided to make a glorified tote bag with a zipper and some quilting.  I used a woven belt as a strap.  So, this project ended up louder than I had expected, and in the end, I feel like it is heavily inspired by my paintings.  Or, maybe it's me if I were a tote bag.  Either way, I'm ready for retirement as Golden Girl in Miami.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dot's Dream House

On the left: my rug and painting, the right: watercolors by Lisa Manning
 Last night was fun at Nido Art Studio.  We had the opening of Dot's Dream House.  I posted lots of pictures, and I have even more posted on our FB page.  Feel free to ignore two thirds of them or scroll through them quickly.  Here is our statement:
Dot’s Dream House 

 “I don’t eat off anything else. It makes washing dishes a pleasure. It makes preparing food a pleasure. Your relationship with an object somehow transmutes all those other things.”

Michael Stevenson commenting on the ceramics of South African artist, Hylton Nel.

Our world is filled with objects with which we interact constantly.  What if these pieces no matter how humble were well crafted, truly beautiful, and inspiring?  What if they made our homes cozy, joyful, unburdened, and fun?  Could we feel free to be ourselves, then? The Dots dare to dream . . .

Row House Print on Tote Bags
My Stash Baskets
Row House Print on Tea Towels

Rag Rug
Table display featuring various vessels
Stash Basket and Vases

Hanging Pot by Lisa Manning
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Rag Rug and small collage paintings

I sold the painting on the left.  I finished the night before the show--literally last thing made.   

Succulents in Joanna Goss' April pot and in a bunny pot by Lisa Manning
Groovy Bar

Cozy Corner of random pillows and rag rug

Joanna Goss

Lisa Manning

Lisa Manning

Joanna Goss--recipe cards
Lisa Manning--ceramic wall vases and shrines

Dutch Houses Zipper Pouch

 OK, these are not the greatest photos, but the pouch is now at Nido Art Studio as part of our Dot To Dot show and therefore, not available to photograph.  I did manage to make a fancier zipper closure so that the corners are not shloopy. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hand Printed Fabric Swap

 This is my first attempt at hand printed fabric.  I designed and carved stamps and used speed ball fabric ink to block print cotton fabric.  I will send a fat quarter to four recipients around the world and await reception of their pieces.  I already received a lovely print from the UK printed on Irish Linen.  (I'll get photos up after I receive the other three) I have plans to tackle a quilt made from this motif after the Dot to Dot show this weekend!  Speaking of the show, I printed tote bags and tea towels for our house themed event.  I discovered each ink handled differently.  Red seems to be a more difficult color to work with.  I have long term plans of acquiring a screen and printing fabric for more quilts.  So, printing is great, but heat setting the fabric with an iron is not so fun.  I think it took me longer to iron everything than to print it.  I hope my efforts were successful and the ink sufficiently made permanent.  

PS Her is the link to the blog post of the making of the fabric I received from the UK: Elephino

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stash Basket Pyramid

 I had fun taking photos of 8 up-cycled, woven stash baskets.  They are going to be part of the show on Saturday. You can find more info about the show here.

yay scraps!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Woven Cushion Chair

 One last work inspired by my trip to the Bay.  This chair belongs to my friends, Mary and Jakob. Mary hinted that it has some history, and I regret not learning more about it.  The patterns are referenced from my bathroom floor, an Ikea seat cushion, and a beloved purse from my youth.  The purse (pictured below) I obtained at a Pow Wow in Aurora and used it until the strap gave out.  I just adore it.

Friday, March 15, 2013

"Che" the Cat--meow

One of the delightful aspects of my weekend trip to the Bay consisted of snuggling my friend, Megan's cats and then rushing to wash my hands before I inevitably touched my eyes.  This painting was inspired by Megan's main coon, "Che".  He is a regal cat with a passive aggressive streak.  I bonded with him immediately remembering how well he tolerated an infant Abraham grasping at his bushy tail.

Also from my trip, I gathered patterns for the painting. The bottom is based on a rug from a thrift shop "Pretty Penny", and the top is based on a decorative paper-lined counter-top from a hot chocolate cafe "Bittersweet".  Both are on College Ave. in Oakland and as wonderful as they sound! 

Sometimes I think that a cat would be the perfect addition to my sunny studio, but allergies and my housemate cat haters keep them away.  Could I have a kitten squirreled away in the folds of fabric or baskets of yarn absconded like the baby alligator in a shoebox under Alexander's bed detailed in a favorite childhood storybook?  Sadly, I think I have to be satisfied with the neighbor's orange, outdoor cat who waddles over to our porch for afternoon naps and sometimes asks to come in.