Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Is Where The Art Is

 And now I will tell you of the vast benefits of reading instructions before you begin.  (Make sure your children are listening)  My artist friend and my Art in the Classroom PTO committee co-chair, Faith, put me in touch with this excellent on-line resouce for artists, actors, and writers.  On previously mentioned resource, I found a couple of shows to which I wanted to apply.  The first being an art show/fundraiser for HOPE Fair Housing Center in Wheaton.  They called for work relating the values of fair housing etc.  I decided to make a piece appropriate for the show and submit it before the March 1st deadline.  I should say that I am also preparing to travel to Miami on March 1st.  So, I'm scrambling to finish this laborious painting in order to prepare for my trip and my kids' going to grandparents etc. etc.  I'm stressing out about the painting feeling the pressure to finish is cramping my style, and in the end, I'm not one hundred percent content.  Oh well, just get it submitted and we'll see what happens.  Upon READING the directions which I had only previously skimmed, I notice there is no need to submit an image of my painting.  Strange, sure, but they also request that I send in a snail mail application instead of a convenient on-line one.  Anyhow, all of that stress was wasted.

I also applied to be in the Body and Mind show at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago.  I submitted my "Grandma Dying" painting.  We'll see what comes from that.  I don't want to sell her, but it would be great to present her to the public and develop my exhibition history.  Yay exhibitions!

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