Saturday, February 23, 2013

Acceptance Speach

"Paint Palette" watercolor by my niece Iris given to me at my show
 My Prairie Title show went well last Thursday!  Thanks to all who helped to prepare, motivate, guide, and support me in any and every way.  I'm in much debt to you and will be forever grateful.  It was fun to see the paintings all together and discuss them.  It was particularly enjoyable to hear the stories, memories, and thoughts that they triggered in others.  One woman after seeing "The Pressing" mentioned that all of the  pictures of her mother were of her ironing or washing dishes.  She never wanted her picture taken.  The show will remain on display through the beginning of April, and I am looking forward to more opportunities to exhibit and write about them. 

I threaded my loom with warp for three rag rugs.  It's time to start cutting t-shirts again!

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