Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Having It All

In honor of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique which has now been published 50 years, I've been thinking about having it all.  I'm not sure anyone can have it all-whatever that means (and to be honest I'm not sure Betty advocated for it all at all.  I've never read her famous challenge which insisted women to demand more from their lives), but I'm intending to pack all into my studio work.  I've started another painting, finished threading Martha's loom with a wool scarf, began winding warp for rag rugs on my loom, made space for piecing more scrappy squares, and finished one sketchbook full of daily sketches.  I have a hard time neglecting any one area of my art making, so I'm choosing to do it all--maybe even at the same time.  (Not pictured, crocheting and embroidering projects)

fabric collection that I'm interested in

some sketches I like from this year's collection

next painting. . .can you guess what it is?

stripey scarf on loom


  1. My guess is that your next painting features a person lying in the fetal position.

    1. Not so much person as objects in a feetal position (it's shoes)