Saturday, March 16, 2013

Woven Cushion Chair

 One last work inspired by my trip to the Bay.  This chair belongs to my friends, Mary and Jakob. Mary hinted that it has some history, and I regret not learning more about it.  The patterns are referenced from my bathroom floor, an Ikea seat cushion, and a beloved purse from my youth.  The purse (pictured below) I obtained at a Pow Wow in Aurora and used it until the strap gave out.  I just adore it.


  1. Love this! The chair belonged to Jakob's grandfather--the one who was executed by the Nazis for his work in the German resistance (actually, they both were). I don't know how it got out of Germany and into Jakob's hands... I'm not sure he knows either, but I'll have to ask again now.

    1. Thanks Mary and Jakob for sharing the story! And WHAT A STORY!!! Now the chair is yours and the stories continue . . .