Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hand Printed Fabric Swap

 This is my first attempt at hand printed fabric.  I designed and carved stamps and used speed ball fabric ink to block print cotton fabric.  I will send a fat quarter to four recipients around the world and await reception of their pieces.  I already received a lovely print from the UK printed on Irish Linen.  (I'll get photos up after I receive the other three) I have plans to tackle a quilt made from this motif after the Dot to Dot show this weekend!  Speaking of the show, I printed tote bags and tea towels for our house themed event.  I discovered each ink handled differently.  Red seems to be a more difficult color to work with.  I have long term plans of acquiring a screen and printing fabric for more quilts.  So, printing is great, but heat setting the fabric with an iron is not so fun.  I think it took me longer to iron everything than to print it.  I hope my efforts were successful and the ink sufficiently made permanent.  

PS Her is the link to the blog post of the making of the fabric I received from the UK: Elephino


  1. I've got yours all made - just need to post it :) Mostly lino cuts on mine.

    viv in nz