Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aunt Gerrie's Gold

 A few years ago Pat's Great Aunt Gerrie gave me her beloved gold leather fabric.  At the time, I made her some pillows, and later on, I made leaf earrings with it.  Still, she inquires about my plans for "the gold".  I should mention that Gerrie regards my sewing skills as more advanced than they actually are and thinks that her fabric is perfect for gilt clothing.  Having basic sewing skills, I decided to make a glorified tote bag with a zipper and some quilting.  I used a woven belt as a strap.  So, this project ended up louder than I had expected, and in the end, I feel like it is heavily inspired by my paintings.  Or, maybe it's me if I were a tote bag.  Either way, I'm ready for retirement as Golden Girl in Miami.

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