Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dot's Dream House

On the left: my rug and painting, the right: watercolors by Lisa Manning
 Last night was fun at Nido Art Studio.  We had the opening of Dot's Dream House.  I posted lots of pictures, and I have even more posted on our FB page.  Feel free to ignore two thirds of them or scroll through them quickly.  Here is our statement:
Dot’s Dream House 

 “I don’t eat off anything else. It makes washing dishes a pleasure. It makes preparing food a pleasure. Your relationship with an object somehow transmutes all those other things.”

Michael Stevenson commenting on the ceramics of South African artist, Hylton Nel.

Our world is filled with objects with which we interact constantly.  What if these pieces no matter how humble were well crafted, truly beautiful, and inspiring?  What if they made our homes cozy, joyful, unburdened, and fun?  Could we feel free to be ourselves, then? The Dots dare to dream . . .

Row House Print on Tote Bags
My Stash Baskets
Row House Print on Tea Towels

Rag Rug
Table display featuring various vessels
Stash Basket and Vases

Hanging Pot by Lisa Manning
Add caption
Rag Rug and small collage paintings

I sold the painting on the left.  I finished the night before the show--literally last thing made.   

Succulents in Joanna Goss' April pot and in a bunny pot by Lisa Manning
Groovy Bar

Cozy Corner of random pillows and rag rug

Joanna Goss

Lisa Manning

Lisa Manning

Joanna Goss--recipe cards
Lisa Manning--ceramic wall vases and shrines

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