Friday, March 15, 2013

"Che" the Cat--meow

One of the delightful aspects of my weekend trip to the Bay consisted of snuggling my friend, Megan's cats and then rushing to wash my hands before I inevitably touched my eyes.  This painting was inspired by Megan's main coon, "Che".  He is a regal cat with a passive aggressive streak.  I bonded with him immediately remembering how well he tolerated an infant Abraham grasping at his bushy tail.

Also from my trip, I gathered patterns for the painting. The bottom is based on a rug from a thrift shop "Pretty Penny", and the top is based on a decorative paper-lined counter-top from a hot chocolate cafe "Bittersweet".  Both are on College Ave. in Oakland and as wonderful as they sound! 

Sometimes I think that a cat would be the perfect addition to my sunny studio, but allergies and my housemate cat haters keep them away.  Could I have a kitten squirreled away in the folds of fabric or baskets of yarn absconded like the baby alligator in a shoebox under Alexander's bed detailed in a favorite childhood storybook?  Sadly, I think I have to be satisfied with the neighbor's orange, outdoor cat who waddles over to our porch for afternoon naps and sometimes asks to come in. 


  1. Sadly, at times we must content ourselves with the all too seldom visits of transitory felines.