Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dot To Dot at Nido Art Studio

 Well the Dots (Lisa Manning, Joanna Goss, and Anna Lentz) had a day of working together at Nido Art Studio in preparation for Saturday's show: Hop Juice Festival in Aurora.  Our wheels were slow to grind, but eventually we hammered out some solid work.   (I'm too tired to be mixing metaphors)

 Here is a look at what we're are cooking up:
Cuckoo Clock Drawing for Embrodery
 I'm working on an embroidered pillow of a vintage German cuckoo clock.  I was inspired by the German wood carving tradition and simultaneously looking for a vehicle for my embroidery.  Splash in some form meets function and hello pillow! 

I haven't decided if I am mixing in color or sticking with black.  Time may resolve this problem. 
Deciding which colors to use
 We're developing three variations on coaster sets.  We have an Aurora/Illinois pride pack that includes the following three designs (seen below).  We're planning on printing these onto up-cycled t-shirts and sewing them onto felt.  Joanna is creating artwork for four, cheeky Wayne's World inspired coasters which will also be printed.  Finally we began sewing coasters made from vintage fabrics.  Of this last bunch, we hope to have a wide variety that would allow the customer to mix and match and customize their own pack.

Last but not least we made some mockups of toys for our feline friends.  (The toys have a really clever name which I can't recall.) Anyway, they will be felted versions of six varieties of bottled beer and the interior will be laced with catnip.

If you are near the beer make sure you make a trip to see us on Saturday.  I'll have more info on Facebook!
Coaster Design

Coaster Design

Coaster Design

Vintage fabric coaster

Cat toy prototype

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