Thursday, May 17, 2012

Food Fight

Eggplant, Banana, Pea, Apple, Carrot
I've been making play food for upcoming shows.  These are always popular especially packaged in a miniature tote bag with a felt veggie appliqued on the front.  I call them "Farmer's Market Tote's" and hope they inspire creative play and healthy eating.  My kids sure enjoy them.  Added bonus is that they are machine washable.  Some urging from sister lead me to try making my own tote bags and after fooling with it this afternoon, I've thrown in the canvas towel.  It's not worth my brain power at this point in time.  I was having trouble with the handles.  I think a big part of the appeal (no banana pun intended) is that they look like miniature versions of something mom and dad lug around on Saturdays.  So, choosing authenticity, I just placed an order for tiny canvas bags.  The trick now is finding the sweet spot for the price. 

Meanwhile, I'm desperate for genius inspiration as I begin new projects.  My painting professor always recommended gin and a nap.  Shows are around the corner . . .

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