Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Market at Nido + new merchandise

Nido, Dot to Dot, and Pinwheel Anna Tent
This past weekend was the Nido Summer Market.  We set up our tents in the parking lot and lawn to enjoy the strong breeze and sunshine.  I have lots of photos posted.  Some pictures are of new items from Dot To Dot collective and others depict a couple new things from Pinwheel Anna.  Shortly I should have them added to Etsy!  My camera's battery was gone at the Hop Juice Festival, but these pictures give you the general idea.  Lots of big picture ideas are kicking around in my head.  I'll share them when I have a clearer understanding. 
Catnip Beer Bottles, a feline treat

My Old Man's favorite, Old Style (also pictured un-favorite,  PBR)

Aurora/beer coasters

Vintage Coasters

Promotional Post Cards

Cuckoo pillow, Farmer's Market Tote, Bird Ornament

Lisa's Love Dish

Rag Tag Rugs

old Heart Ornaments , but I like the photo

Quilt--acting as a sail

T-shirts for sale!

Soft sculpture beer bottles and a Nido tank

Nido Tie-dye socks, shoelaces, Pinwheel Anna Garlands, cards

 It was "World Wide Knit in Public Day" yesterday.  Nido had a spot for knitters and crocheters to relax and work.  I love the colors!

Yarn Bombing Nido's tree.  The robin's nest is empty now!

other vendors and the Henna table

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