Saturday, May 12, 2012

Promotional Material and Some Favorite Things

Pinwheel Button
 My Brother and I used to hide pennies above the hallway door.  We'd totter on the highest step precariously sliding pennies onto the molding.  Giggling about our secret treasure we'd wonder if anyone would ever discover it.  Acting alone I would nestle spare change into the fluffy cotton insert of a small gift box and rest it on my mother's pillow.  My belly would leap at the happy thoughts of her finding a surprise before bed. 

Ever since reading The Handmade Marketplace which suggests sending swag along with an Etsy purchase,  I've been anticipating making a button.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered pinwheels from  To add text or to not add text?  I decided to keep it image only.  The buttons look a little dark.  I am not sure if this an issue regarding quality of the image or a result of the plastic coating.  At any rate, can't wait to send one along with my next sale.  Up until now, I've sent a paper wreathe or garland.  I don't know why I get the biggest kick out of sending a surprise!
Yellow thread scraps
I'm finishing up the binding on a quilt.  I should have pictures posted in a day or two.  The quilt will go up on my Etsy shop.  I especially love the yellow thread I used for quilting.  Yellow is my favorite color of 2012.  
I like these colors

Abe made succulent planter from cupcake paper mold- good idea!
Spring Tea at Abe's preschool was delightful last Thursday.  His class made concrete planters using paper cupcake liners and a greased cork to make the depression.  They then planted succulents, and the best part, watered them with an eye-dropper.  Succulents are my favorite plant group by far!

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