Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sapce Cadet Project

 With a friend and fellow parent of a Lincoln Lion, I'm developing a project in Abe's class for next week.  We're going to be integrating science and art into a hopefully fun, educational lesson on the planets.  Along with making space helmets and telescopes, the kids will arrange crayon shavings on wax paper which will then be melted with an iron.  The resulting melted mass will be translucent planets that can be taped in their windows.  We felt it important that the kids have something that connects them directly to the universe.  The sun passing through their melted crayon planets does just that.  In addition we'll be reading the above book about the planets as well as the inspiration for the project if time allows.  I'll post more pictures of our projects and let you know if it was a success.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of more arts integrated projects at Abe's school.  My partner has already designed and implemented a geography project in her son's second grade class.  It's an exciting beginning!

Crayon Shavings

beginning to melt

finished planet

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