Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Final Push Before Shows

inked Guadalupe block

Printed fabric
 The weekend was full of delight!  Both shows were fun and went well.   Thanks to all who came out in support!  I'm glad that I managed to squeak out some wares at the last minute including these Guadalupe ornaments and cards and Cats in a Bag.  The latter sold out!  So, I failed to have a photo of the complete package, but essentially, I made cinch sacks that held a mama and three baby cats.  Another success was the free bookmarks printed with cats.  Next time, I'll be smart and add my info to the back of them.  In short, I'm inspired to make more carved blocks for printing in a variety of ways.  My list for 2013 is going to be long!
Guadalupes and Mama Cats

cinch sacks

little cats

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