Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cottage Pillows and My Little Kitty Cats

 For a really long time, I've been wanting to make house pillows with lots of applique and embroidery.  I had to settle for a quick, shabby-chic attempt this week in preparation for the shows this weekend.  I think these could be developed further, and in fact, I'd like to see a whole village.  I don't know why their stuffed nature is so enticing, but it is.  I made three of them using canvas, denim, cotton, and a little bit of felt for embellishment.  Some practice stamps found their way onto the pillows as flowers.  You can see them in the photo below.

 I just finished printing three cats onto fabric with the intention of making "Cats Out of the Bag" bags.  It'll make more sense later.  To get more mileage out of the stamps, I printed some paper goods including:  bookmarks, greeting cards, and gift tags. 

The Neighborhood

Kitty Cats Drying

Cat Stamps

Book Marks and Gift Tags

Greeting Card

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