Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Grandma's Hands
Perhaps Grandma's praying hands which I sketched during her last days is a pertinent image of how we are feeling after this past weekend's tragedy.  It is hard to digest such atrocities and grief, but I realized something today after meeting with an artist friend.  It is in these horrible times that we need community the most, and that art is a great way to process complicated emotions and understanding. 

In other news I found out that I did indeed get accepted to OPAL.  I would like to challenge myself to participate in each monthly exhibit.  January's is titled "Beginnings".

Finally, I've been working this week to print 50 Christmas cards.  I made three stamps featuring a Snoozy Snowflake theme.  Snoozy is my own joke based on the beloved cartoon Suzy Snowflake.  It must be the stress affecting me, because it is kind of a wacky card.
Card Carrying Member of OPAL

Snoozy Snowflake X-Mas Card

Interior of card

homemade stamps