Thursday, November 8, 2012


Quilt # 16

Quilt #17
 It's been awhile since I've blogged, and I feel strange about it.  I know it's cliche to say it, but some things feel trivial in light of what has been happening with our families.  We lost two great souls in one week, and I am still reeling.  Well, actually, I feel like sticking my head in the stand.  I know that I have not yet processed everything and probably will take lots of time to do so.  What I have realized is that creating is my constant companion and best resource when it comes to coping.  While gazing at my Grandma and holding her hand I realized that she has always been my muse.  I have foolishly thought that she wasn't able to understand my art making, but in reality she has been my creative source.  I am certain that she will continue to be so inspirational.  I have plans for several pieces that will help me digest her death.  I have started one watercolor/ink piece that is pictured below.  I'm still in the ink stage.  Also, I drew her hands which I don't have pictured, but want to develop them into some finished pieces as well, and finally, I have some other ideas involving story telling and movie making.  Abe is like me in that he is compelled to create.  He drew a picture of Grandma as she looked at her wake.  I can only guess as to how he is coping with our recent losses.

Also pictured are the last two quilt squares.  I've really slowed on their production. 

I'm working on "The Big Bed Painting" for my Oak Park Art League application.  I have another week to finish.  I am a little hesitant to resolve it.  I'm at that point of uncertainty which might lead you in a direction you didn't want to go, but I know it isn't resolved. 

Finally, there are some illustrations from children's books that I have found inspiring and find them working their way into my own work. 
"Big Bed Painting" Not Quite Finished

Pen and Watercolor (not yet done) of Great-Ma dying

illustration from "The Story Blanket"

illustration from "The Story Blanket" by Ferida Wolff, Harriet May Savitz and Elena Odriozola

illustration from "The Gift" By Carol Ann Duffy, Rob Ryan

"Great-Ma at her wake" drawn at her funeral mass by Abraham

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  1. Anna, Your big bed painting is amazing. I just want to crawl into that painting and snuggle up under the quilt! You do such wonderful work. I also really love Abe's drawing. How hard it must be to lose someone who means so much to you. I'm sending healing wishes your way.