Monday, November 12, 2012

Do we ever change?

Many loyal neighbors came to honor my Grandma at her wake.  We'd talk about her close-knit community on Superior St. and inevitably recall the extensive garage sales they hosted every fall.  These yard sales really left an impression on me, and in fact, I have written about them in an early  post about my Grandma.  I have a lot of fond memories of her bustling about and being the queen of her block.  Anyway, one of her neighbors remembered my selling homemade scrunchies at one of the sales.  It took me awhile to remember that I had in fact made hand sewn hair accessories to sell.  In light of my recent struggles with coming to terms with craft fairs and my Etsy shop, I had to laugh at my younger self in realization that not much has changed for me.  They say we often find careers related to things that we loved doing at kids.  So, maybe I need to reexamine (AGAIN) my interest in craft fairs.  I have two scheduled for December.  I'm hoping to have inspiration strike with some fantastic ideas.  I better get started-----hmmm are scrunchies making a come back?  In the meantime, I plan on submitting my application for the Oak Park Art League (OPAL).  Wish me luck!

PS  My back-up camera broke!  So, I am without clever pictures to post in my blog.  Any thoughts on whether I should get a new camera or just a smart phone?  What's your vote?

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