Monday, October 22, 2012

Love - Scraps 12 thru 15 - Kitchen Witch?

 I made this heart collage to hang in my Grandma's room at the nursing home.  She had a bad accident two weeks ago and broke her neck.  Now that she is back home with my parents, it hangs by her bed.  I've always loved this picture of her and the family.  My Mom is the toe head in the front.  During this process of my Grandma's injury, I'm acutely aware of my compulsion to create (again) as a coping mechanism. 

Below are Scrap Quilt Squares #12 -  #15.  I like #14 a lot!  It's interesting to me to see which fabrics I keep returning to despite a huge variety in reserve. 

Finally, I finished my doll which I had intended to be a kitchen witch.  I haven't made a broom because I'm thinking that she is really something else.   Any ideas?  I also have no plans for this lady.  Do I make more?  Sell them?  It's a mystery!  
Scrap Quilt #12

Scrap Quilt #13

Scrap Quilt #14

Scrap Quilt #15

Give us a kiss!

I like her chin whiskers

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