Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scrap Quilt #4 and other bits

 So this stripey block was today's work.  I am not sure how it reflects my mood, except that I had the thought that using and sewing scraps just makes smaller scraps.  It's sort of an infinity problem, and I'm certain there is some law of physics that describes this phenomenon. 

 Impulsively, I bought this issue of Stuffed about crafting "softies."  I know there is some truth regarding humanity buried in the poly-fil of handmade dolls.  I'll let you know when I pluck it out.
 So, I painted my door yellow.  I think I'm done now with the home improvement projects.  My husband is wonderfully tolerant. 
I'm working on stash baskets, and I'm getting lots on my warp.  I'm going to try weaving with plarn (plastic bag yarn).  It's yet another way to up-cycle. 

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  1. Love the yellow door... and the word "plarn." I just want to say "plarn" all day long. Wondering how to weave it into everyday conversation... I'll just have to talk about how my friend Anna is weaving with plarn. There. I've used it three times already!