Monday, October 1, 2012

A Brand New Addition/Edition

One Canadian and One American, but I think they like each other
 So, I brought home a new loom for my studio!  I'm keeping it warm for my Mom and Dad who want to learn to weave but aren't ready to begin that process.  They are generously letting me use it in the meantime.  This loom is truly special because it comes from a dear friend who has had her for decades and woven many beautiful pieces on her.   Why two looms you ask?  I plan on keeping my original loom for making my ragtag rugs and short term projects, and I'll tie up long term projects on the new loom.  I'm deeply honored to be weaving on Martha's loom and can't wait to begin a project on her.  Also, I have so much gratitude and appreciation for my Dad and Pat for dismantling and reassembling the loom without losing their patience or tempers.  I salute you. (tipping hat gesture)  
Matha's Loom
 In my rush to transform each corner of my house into a reflection of my family, I am cautious to leave a small remnant preserved as if in a time capsule to remind me of those who lived in these walls before us.  The upstairs linen close walls are painted a curious flesh tone pink.  The shelves are lined with paper patterned decades ago.  The light fixture is the most beautiful in the house, and its bobble dangles peculiarly.  I love that I feel foreign in this space; it's the house's way of telling me it has history.
Closet Light Fixture

Vintage Shelf Paper

Stop-light Bobble

I'm constantly stream-lining the studio and pitching things that I simply can't store.  My scraps, however, are another story.  They keep growing, and I'm utterly unwilling to part with them.  So, I decided to go ahead and sew them together.  I've decided to make a 5" square a day in whatever way I feel inspired.  I'm thinking this might be an interesting experiment in creating a visual diary.  I wonder if design/color choices will reflect my mood or the weather.  Here is today's:
Scrap Quilt Square 1
Scraps from Scrap Quilting
5" Square Ruler--My Guide
Weaving tools from Martha

Another look at Martha' s loom.  I love this label on the side

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