Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In The Garden

Homemade Veggie Broth
It's been a blustery transition to fall complete with homemade soup, crafts, and household projects.  Let's not forget to mention the mad mice, too.  These little stinkers are so smart, but not too smart.  We've caught a couple squeakers and have heavy artillery on the way courtesy of Amazon.  It is no doubt that these rodents have been mini-catalysts for change in our house.  It's not a tragedy that we gave some attention to the neglected corners of our house.  There is also little doubt that a small piece of my sanity has been dislodged by our invasion.  As someone who cherishes her time at home and considers her studio to be as sanctified if not more so than a chapel, I have become unhinged in a new way.  That said, one of my coping mechanisms is to transform the house in a bold act of reclamation of my space.

The latest make-over is in the TV room.  We began by re-arranging the space, added new shelves, and I just finished a mural inspired by the Ikea lamp shade adjacent to the wall.  To quote Abe, "I feel like I'm in a garden!"  It's wild and crazy, but life is too short to not draw on your walls.  It's absolutely liberating!  Take that mice!  I have an idea of weaving a rug in double cloth in a tube formation and then inserting a rug pad making the rug into a cushy play-mat.  It's on the list, but I don't want to lay anything new onto the ground until the mice are gone for certain.  Next up is my entry-way/font hall to which I can't wait to bring personality and sanctity.

OH, forgot to mention my stash baskets.  I have the first pictured below.  I kind of like the design.  I'm not sure.  I have to decide if I am going to make more to sell.  I may also attempt tote bags/purse with a similar design. The list goes on and on . . .

PS Some surprises on the way!
Abe's homemade airplane--nailed together and painted without help

Woven Slouchy Stash Basket

TV Room Mural


  1. So cute! Have that same lamp shade from Ikea!

  2. I love what you've done to the tv room! I can't wait to see it in person. Oh, and I'm glad you've gleaned some positive motivation from your rodent infestation. You know, turning lemons into lemonade and all that. :)

  3. Steph--I love the lamp shade and have regretted not buying the pillow to match.

    Nick-It's weird, but the mural feels like it should have always been there. I've wanted to paint the walls for years, but lacked the right inspiration/motivation. It makes being a couch potato so much more satisfying.