Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hedgehoggies and Theosofest

So, I did it again.  I swear that I am not going to make a stuffed creature again, but the Theosofest (at Wheaton's Theosophical Society) was coming around the corner and my intention of making a dozen rag rugs was ruined by a number of causes including the mouse (mice?).  So, I made some cuddly huggable hedgehoggies out of scraps, wool felt, and embroidery thread.  I packaged them them up complete with tag and care instructions. 

I also tried to resolve the problem of hanging artwork at a fair by making a cardboard tree that I wrapped around a tent post.  It was sort of successful--not bad in a pinch.  Anyway, I'm feeling weary of doing shows.  In fact, I have promised myself repeatedly that I am going to avoid them.  It is time to develop a more serious approach to selling.  Words can not describe my disfavor of selling myself.  I just want to create, but the reality is otherwise.  What I need is a creative solution.  I think I'll sleep on it.

Lisa did Henna tats at the show.  This one is an owl.

Lisa's tie-dye crayons

My mom's rattles

Lisa's ceramics, magnets, and terrariums

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  1. I love your hedge-hoggies! They remind me of stuffed animals we had as kids. Weren't they called "pop-ums" or something? Anyway, yours are super cute.