Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rag Tag Rugs: "Reggie's" and "What's Next"?

 Finally, I have returned to the loom to create some ragtag rugs.  I had a custom order for Reggie who wanted autumnal colors for a rug which she is going to use as an altar cloth.  The second rug, which I added to my Etsy shop, answers the question "what's next?".  I approached this rug differently and allowed myself to weave one color at time without regard to the whole piece.  I think this rug feels random and spontaneous--a good thing?  So, for some reason (can't imagine how) my brain failed me when I was winding the warp.  I had only wound enough for two rugs, and a shorty second one at that.  I accepted my error as a sign that I need to leave ragtags behind for a minute (or longer) to address some other projects on my loom.  I could make rugs forever, but being that I can only work on one project at a time on my loom, I have to take a break in order to explore some new ideas.  It's counter-intuitive, in a way, because my rugs are my most popular product, but I hope to make some new discoveries on my loom. 

"What's Next?" ragtag rug

Reggie's Autumn Altar Cloth


  1. Love the autumn colors and the unpredictability of what comes next. . .

  2. I'm excited to say that I may not have to give up making rugs in order to tackle other weaving projects. I might be housing my mom's loom until she is ready to start learning how to weave. I can devote one loom to long term projects and have rugs on the other. Now where to find the space . . .