Friday, September 14, 2012

Portrait Of A Young Iris

 I really enjoyed painting a birthday portrait for my niece, Iris.  In a world of Instagrams and photo-texting, pictures of our family and friends surround us but are ephemeral.  Our computers store thousands of photos, but we have few that we can hold in our hand.  Portraiture is slow and old-fashioned.  It was relegated to the few patrons with enough wealth to pay for an artists' talents or a parlor trick of a well-trained bride.  There is something I really enjoy about the challenge of pushing paint around until the person is revealed.  A favorite painting instructor said it's not the eyes that define a person, it's the line their lips make when shut.  As you can see, I still need lots of practice, but I am officially offering my service to those wanting to capture their children, pets, and loved ones in a more enduring and interesting fashion.  I should have a listing on Etsy shortly with more information if you are interested or just contact me!

( The irony is I used a digital photo emailed and then printed on my ink jet printer as a reference.)

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