Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mysteries and Surprises

 A friend from the Oak Park Women's Exchange thoughtfully considered my children when unloading some of her own children's Playskool toys.  She called me about a small loom that was her daughter's.  I am very excited to teach Abe and Pen how to weave and on a loom sized for little hands.  The only problem is, I want to experiment with some ideas of my own.

Below are obscure pictures of projects that I am working on for the upcoming "Behold the Magic Bandana" show.  I can't tell more about them without revealing the theme of the show.  So, to build suspense and intrigue. . .

Finally, there is a picture of a recent inclusion with my Etsy orders.  I created a card for attaching the pinwheel button which is the secret swag I like to send. 
Project #1


Project #2

Project #2


  1. Both that loom and that yellow embroidered cloth look strangely familiar...

    1. Keep those lips sealed Mary Fontana!