Monday, June 25, 2012

Living in a Plaid Paradise

 Here's the big boy all trimmed up and ready to go.  Forgive me for the poor lighting.  I hung the blanket up on the wrong side of the clothes line.  It was such a struggle to get it up, I just left it.  I will need better pics if I want to post it on Etsy.  The pictures at the bottom give a better sense of the rich colors.

Here's my official word on the project:
In designing this quilt for “Behold the Magic Bandana” I was thinking about camping textiles.  Plaid was a natural choice and flannel a practical one.  Joanna Goss gave me two vintage plaids:  the bright orange and a bright blue.  These became the foundation for the color scheme.  As for the design, I took inspiration from the plaid itself.  The concept of intersecting bars and lines is referenced directly from one of the plaid shirts I cut up for the quilt.  Following a pattern is a departure for me.  I usually piece a quilt with a general plan, but look for organic deviations as design surprises.  In this camp quilt, there are only a few deviations in the assembly process.  The shirts had to be scrapped together in some cases to make enough fabric to complete the design.  In addition, my unscrupulous piecing allows for things to not match exactly and create an overall wonkiness that I cherish rather than reject.  I used a peacock blue thread to quilt and unify the piece. By following the lines I accentuated the design.  Finally, the backing is a houndstooth pattern reinforcing the woodsy nature of the quilt.  The result is a cozy, campy cover-up appropriate for smoky firesides.  

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