Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Boxers in Boxers

Here are some pics of two projects in progress.  I have to say it feels wonderful to have a brush in my hand even if said brush is miniscule, and I have to paint like I'm performing surgery.  Abe said to me today while painting watercolors "Sometimes it's fun to just paint!  You know?  instead of trying to make it look like something?"  I told him I know exactly what he is talking about.  I'm always alternating between the big brush and small brush techniques/styles.  Perhaps a blend of the two is the best recipe.  Anyway, the painting is a rough start featuring a scene drawn from a photo taken at an actual camp run by Joanna's Great-Aunt.  I'm fascinated by these black and white photos that are so wonderful on their own.  It was hard to imagine how I could find an entry point.  The other project will result in a soft-sculpture including some applique and embroidery.  It's meant to capture (no pun intended) the whimsy of my youth fishing in tiny, fish-less Minnesota lakes.  Thanks Dad for teaching me how to worm my own hook!

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