Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kaleidoscope Quilt

After completing the house quilt last fall, my in-laws commissioned a quilt for their guest bed that would also have hand printed fabric.  Since my Father-in-law is a gardener, I immediately thought of designing some botanicals.  I also had a whole scheme for referencing lattice fences and using lots of greens.  I even bought the fabric for it.  After designing and carving the blocks, life interrupted and pulled me away from the project.  I continued to think about the quilt, and when I returned to it, I felt that my initial plan was pretty much wrong.  I was inspired by rich, jewel tones instead of muted greens, and I needed to do something about the structure.  I knew I wanted triangles, and during a routine cleaning at the dentist, I found myself staring at the fluorescent light above.  I noticed that the light was being refracted through a pattern of varying sized triangles not unlike  one of those bug eyed kaleidoscopes.  Well, the printing, heat-setting, piecing, pinning, and ironing has been quite a process.  Despite having made a dozen quilts or so, I grossly underestimated the time required for this project, but I am certain it was worth it.   In the end, it is too big to photograph--my close line isn't up yet. So, excuse the many photos striving to capture its massive dimensions.