Monday, April 7, 2014

Planting Seeds, Ice Cream, and Owl Nests at Messy Business at EAM

One of my favorite buildings in Berwyn, an old bank that reminds me of a Roman temple
After having last week off for Spring Break, it was fun to return to mess making with my moms and tots in Elmhurst.  We started by cooking up giant ice cream cones with sprinkles.  The ice cream is a mixture 1:1 of glue to shaving cream with some drops of food coloring.  My tots were experts at mushing the mixture in a ziplock bag.  Then, we made bug labels for our tin can planters and planted some Zinnia seeds.  The kids loved pouring the dirt and watering their magic seeds.  Finally, we made owl nests out of tissue boxes and fluffy stuff.  I guess we used some recycled materials--hooray for repurposing. Also, students took home glazed ceramics.  I managed to capture some photos of a few pieces, but there really was a huge variety.  We made pinch pots, frogs, slabs (which we printed with wheels, animal feet, and leaves), and cut-out shapes with cookie cutters.  Some students even had time to make small animal figurines. 

owl in nest
brother and sister cones
zinnia planter
tracks on a plaque
catching flies and a pinch pot
blue frog

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