Monday, January 14, 2013

Zipper - Check!

Magic Mushroom House Embroidered Pouch
 I don't recommend powering through the flu.  It doesn't work.  I spent most of the last 10 days feeling miserable.  When I did muster some energy, I managed to finish embroidering my magic mushroom house piece which I intended to make into a zippered pouch.  I had envisioned a coin purse shape instead of the standard square or rectangle.  It's a little wonky, but I'm OK with it.  Somehow my brain was functioning well enough to follow a zipper installation tutorial.  I made one trial attempt and then the completed the magic mushroom pouch.  Finally, I sketched out a Dutch House embroidery which I began working on last night. 

So, It's nice to cross zippers off my list of resolutions, but I would like to build on my basic knowledge to learn more sophisticated and varied installations.
Interior of experimental version
Dutch House Sketch and Embroidery
 It's been a week since I've gotten back into my studio to finish winding warp for a wool scarf.  Today I did just that, soaking up the beautiful sun.  I even began to dress Martha's loom, and am surprised that the process is smoother than expected considering the fine, fuzzy 528 ends with which I'm working.
Luscious Yarn

Winding Warp
Wound Warp Resting on Loom
Studio at Night, Beginning of Threading Process

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