Saturday, January 5, 2013

Radio Child

 Yesterday, I was reunited with my childhood prized radio.  I must have been gifted my purple STEREO radio when I was only six or so which I settled neatly on the shelf by my bed.  Other than popping my Beach Boy or  Madonna tapes into the cassette deck, I would adjust my tuner carefully to invoke the oldies, classic rock, Beatles into my bedroom.  It was the most sacred of seances.  I'd play back our kid produced radio shows listening for all of the sound effects (fart noises) and DJ humor.  If I ever dig these precious homemade recordings out of my parents' attic, I'll be sure to air them on my own podcast.  To this day the radio is my constant companion.  It's an intimate relationship I hold with WBEZ and WXRT.  I realize now that my affection for this medium is rooted in this early perfect, purple radio.  Sometimes I dream of producing my own programs (sans fart sounds---maybe) and produce a podcast that might explore the motivation, method, and studio space of artists. 

 PS  SAVE THE DATE:  Next Dot to Dot Show coming March 23rd!  It can't be beat!


  1. ah cassettes and all those hours of making mixed tapes! I particularly liked when cassettes got modern and chic by being see-through so you could see all the tape as it would back and forth between the spools.

    1. I so know about those see-thru cassettes--pink and yellow accents I think. So much fun is lost in the digital format.

  2. I recall sitting next to my boyhood radio for hours waiting for the DJ to announce my favorite song and I would pounce on that record button to capture it on tape. Ah, memories....