Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Indiana Dunes

Blocking in a painting for the "Beginnings" show at OPAL
 I spent the last days of 2012 in a beach cabin with my family.  The quiet rest was more than welcome after a very busy month.  Although I made a conscious effort to limit plans, projects and burdens I brought along four sketchbook for each of us to record our findings and experiences.  Abe, already a pro journalist, thanks to Kindergarten, had amazing entries and illustrations.  Pen was happy to have her own notebook and space to fill with drawings and stickers.  Pat was a good sport.  I have resolved to take my sketchbook/journal a step further.  I intend to make it a daily habit of drawing and writing in a secret, bound space.  It's seems strange--against nature, after a year of blogging, to not "photograph it", "post it", "share it", "like it", but instead to have a book of secret thoughts and ideas that exist solely for me.  I haven't maintained a journal/sketchbook since college, and I never would have thought then that the practice would become so counter-cultural. 

In addition to the above resolution, I plan on learning how to install zippers, and exhibit monthly at OPAL.  I have more resolutions (13 total), but I'll keep those privately tucked away in my journal/sketchbook.

I like this retro shelf paper from our cottage kitchen

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