Thursday, April 5, 2012

Totes and Goats

Front side of bag with two large pockets
  It's been hard to get back into routine and find inspiration after a long vacation.  However, I've been wanting to make a tote bag for awhile, and I was bewitched by the yellow and marigold canvas at the store.  The goat fabric is from Ikea.  It's leftover from a floor cushion I made for Abe.  I copied a small tote bag whose form I admired but whose size limited its function.  My sewing is far from perfect on this project, but it was quick.  Plus it is always fun to try to figure out how to make something.  I look forward to toting around my next projects.  I think I have some rug making ahead of me!
backside of bag with three pockets

inside pocket with three compartments

side view

my bag with inspiration bag above

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