Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fiestaware Ragtag Rugs

Detail of Rug
Nothing like beginning the weekend by finishing a project!  This morning, I completed the fringe on the last of four Fiestaware inspired, ragtag rugs.  I am pretty happy with how they came out, but more importantly, they inspired some new ideas and approaches that I want to apply to other rugs.  Here comes May with a new to-do list, a new haircut (I cut 10 inches off this morning), and hopefully Springier weather.  I suppose I am forever frustrated with the limits of time, mounds of housework, and psychic barriers to creativity.  I tell Pat that if I was able to work for 20 hours a day on just my art, it still wouldn't be enough.  How do I learn "enough"?  For now, I feel like I am creating in slow motion and my brain is an express train of ideas.  Any advice on learning patience?

Weft, Weft, Weft

Twisting the ends to make fringe

Big rug

3 amigos rug

Rug detail

3 Amigos blowing in the wind

More 3 Amigos with a slice of the big daddy

two of the 3 amigos to the left and big daddy to the right

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