Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fiestaware Rugs--Part One and Other Stuff

Empty Dye Squirt Bottles
 I get fidgety when I don't blog in awhile, but I have been dragging my feet for a lack of a tidy package to post.  Alas, I must come to grips with the fact that I am at where I am, and here it is:

The photos describe the process of dyeing and cutting up t-shirts for rugs.  I am working on a commission (with the emphasis on mission) for a woman who wants four rag rugs that match her Fiestaware.  Being a Fiestaware owner myself, I am fully aware of their glory.  I feel there is even more pressure to nail it.  At any rate, I have a busy week ahead cranking these rugs out.  I'll definitely post pictures of the final product.  I have to mention that dyeing is always a kick.  I am entirely in love with color.  Dyeing at Nido Studio (http://nidoartstudio.com/Nido_Art_Studio/Nido.html) is like dyeing eggs times a thousand.  Thanks Lisa for your help in this process.

My quilt donated to Abe's pre-school was live auctioned this past Saturday.  Inevitably, there was a heated bidding war which resulted in the two rival parties mounting the stage and engaging in a tug-o-war.  Their fervent shouting of "mine" was only stifled by the ripping of my beloved quilt in half--dead center.*

I have "To Do" lists scribbled in every notebook, summer shows are filling my calendar, a secret society newly formed, and stories are written in my head.  When I get a quiet moment, I'll flush them out on paper.  For now, I will pick up my scissor and snip away at Tees and then weave like the wind!  Stay tuned. . .

*Story may be exaggerated for effect.  
Dharma Dye

Shirts Awaiting Dye Having Been Soaked in Soda Ash

Pouring Red

Stack of Dyed Shirts

Shirts Drying on Line (detail)
Shirts On A Line

T-shirt Balls

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