Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First Painting of 2014!

 Hearts, hearts, and hearts for my Messy Business class.  We are making mobiles and experimenting with different techniques of painting:  golf balls and plastic car.  Also we painted on shiny paper which we will add hand prints to next week.

I dropped off my first painting of the year to OPAL for February's show about the human figure.  I painted Penelope and experimented with having the abstract background be of equal value as the figure.  I was most interested in contrasting the lines of her body with the chaos around and behind her. 

I guess this integration of extremes reflects my inner turmoil at present and desire to have it coexist with the controlled aspects.  My thoughts these days mostly end in questions marks, and it seems like the thick cloud coverage and layers of snow will never allow for insight and answers.  But, I'm remaining hopeful knowing that the mud is there under the snow and that under the mud are bulbs sleeping until spring. 


  1. I love the painting of Pen. The way the background sort of blends across her head makes me imagine that she is thinking thoughts that spread out from her to the world around...or something.

  2. Thanks Mary! I think something your reading of it is a good one. I like it!