Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tots of Surprises

sleeping sea otter for Linus
Last night Penelope grazed the corner of our counter top with her temple in a frantic game of chase  her brother.  She was fine after the requisite snuggling and icepack.  When I tucked her into bed she was reminded of her tender bruise and cried for her pooh blanket to snuggle with.  I fished it out of the fifteen blankets stacked on her bed like pancakes.  (It's so cold that we sleep like the pea in the Princess and the Pea story under a pile of mattresses).  The favorite pooh blanket was made lovingly by Pat's old boss who never even met Penelope.  Still there is a loving connection between child and handmade item.  As a child, I had attachments to certain ornaments, blankets, and toys that my Aunts and others made for me.  They're simply the best for reasons I haven't completely ascertained, but I suspect there has to be something to do with the intention and love infused into a gift.

This past week, I finished a pillow and blanket for a friend's baby who was born last October.  I really enjoy thinking about how these objects will be a part of shaping Linus' world growing up.  They are colors, textures, and images that will ultimately program his brain so that I will be able to control him and take over the world!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! (evil laugh)  And that is my plan, my friends . . .

More brain control happening at Elmhurst Art Museum in the Messy Business classes.  Below are some  examples of what me made yesterday.

Finally, a colored pencil card for my cousin Sue who is battling cancer for the second time.  More hearts to come next week as I begin my grand plan to swap snowflakes for hearts and in this way, warm the world with hugs!!!!!!

Linus' blanket made from flannel

gold fish in a bowl -- mixed media (including fruity pebbles)

kool-aid and glue

kool-aid sprinkled on wet watercolor paper

watercolor, salt and taped snowflakes to be revealed next week
hearts for Sue


  1. I love the otter. And where did you get the idea to use fruity pebbles and kool aid? They produced some tasteful art. Ha!

  2. Pinterest for the ideas. I'm trying to find good resources for little tot art ideas. You got any?