Saturday, February 8, 2014

Caroline's Hedgehog and Color Therapy

 I finished a namesake pillow for a girl named Caroline who likes hedgehogs.  She turns five next month and her uncle commissioned this pillow.  I hope she likes it; I really enjoyed making it.  Embroidery is fitting my mood lately.  That said, I'm beginning a couple of large projects --paintings and quilt.  The stacks of fabric and color combinations warms my heart and fuel my creativity.  (I'm finding motivation hard to come by lately.)  I need to find a burst of energy somewhere, because I have a show at a library branch in Oak Park in March, and there is a lot of wall space available!!!  Yikes!  Also warming my soul are the coffee filter hearts that my kids made last week.  We tore down the paper snowflakes deciding we had enough snow outside. 

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