Monday, August 19, 2013

Iron Lady

Last week I printed lots of row house print fabric in varying color combos, but now, alas, I have to heat set it with an iron.  The process is mind-numbing.  Each bit of fabric takes about a half hour.  I'm excited to have it all done so that I can begin the piecing process.  After MANY trials at a pattern, I finally figured something out.  This project is a bit in slow motion because there are lots and lots of happenings happening and keeping me out of my studio.  Never fear, school is almost here!  Soon, we'll be back to a regular schedule which will delightfully include work hours for me. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lake Shore of Horror

So, this year at the lake we made a short horror film which my brother Nick wrote, co-directed, filmed, and edited.  The cousins also played a huge role in directing, filming, making creative decisions, and acting it.  of course.  Everyone played a part--even three-year-old Penelope.  Enjoy this scary summer flick!

Here's a link to the movie on youtube--better quality and larger!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lake Shore Handy Work

I returned tonight from a week on Lake Superior.  It was our fourth year there, and the beauty of that land is remarkable.  Despite having ample activities and leisure fun to indulge in, I hauled several projects with me not wanting to be attached a singular craft.  It was fun to putz from thing to thing as I desired working my way like a bumble bee from embroidery to quilting to sketching to crocheting to weaving.  Yes, I said weaving!  I picked up a miniature loom at the local thrift store along with some wool yarn.  The loom's previous owner had been using it to do some bead weaving, but I strung it up with the wool using two sticks pounded into the ground as a warping board.  My brother Nick whittled two shuttles for me that work great.  It's a short warp; so the finished product will only be appropriate for dolls, but I'm hoping to make straps for bags on it in the future.  It was a great week full of surprises and traditions including the family tie dye project. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Chicago Homicides Related to Gun Violence in July 2013

Dovone Jackson, Cauirece Graham, Lterrick Benion, Richard Pierce, Sterling McKenzie,  Andrew Turner, Coby Bridgeman, Tyrone Hart, Carl Blackman, Donald Lewis,   Marcus Holden, Eugene Clark, Wiliam Brown, Carlos Barron, Maurice Gibson, Andre Bunton, Alexander Mayo, Devonte Pearson, Ernest Carter, Blake Lamb,  Joseph Brewer, Jr., Fernando Sanchez, Jeremy Morris, Jeremiah Brown, Darryl Green, Marlon Young, Ed Cooper, Georgina Randell, Marquise Chandler, Ramone Godfrey, Terry Patterson, Jerimiah Milsap, Shavonte Howard, Elliott Frazier, Marlon Obanner, Steve Mabins, Theodis Young, Ernest McMullen, Ernest McMullen, William Jones, Damani Henard, Ashley Hardmon, Terrence Graves, Stephon Miller,

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Abe's Mural Complete and Installed

So, I am so impressed with Abe's mural which he finished this week, and I installed this morning.  He designed and painted the majority of it.  I just helped with the painting in some of the background and outlines. Abe painted a spider monkey, jaguar family, hummingbird, Eyelash viper, Scarlet Macaw, and Harpy Eagle.  Can you find them all? Also the rain dissipates from left to right.  He has always wanted his room to feel like a rainforest and desires most to travel to the Indonesian rainforest.  I think this does the job well.  Can you believe he is only six and completed his first mural?

PS These are three 36" x 48" canvases, and Abe used real acrylic paint.