Friday, August 2, 2013

Abe's Mural Complete and Installed

So, I am so impressed with Abe's mural which he finished this week, and I installed this morning.  He designed and painted the majority of it.  I just helped with the painting in some of the background and outlines. Abe painted a spider monkey, jaguar family, hummingbird, Eyelash viper, Scarlet Macaw, and Harpy Eagle.  Can you find them all? Also the rain dissipates from left to right.  He has always wanted his room to feel like a rainforest and desires most to travel to the Indonesian rainforest.  I think this does the job well.  Can you believe he is only six and completed his first mural?

PS These are three 36" x 48" canvases, and Abe used real acrylic paint.

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