Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lake Shore Handy Work

I returned tonight from a week on Lake Superior.  It was our fourth year there, and the beauty of that land is remarkable.  Despite having ample activities and leisure fun to indulge in, I hauled several projects with me not wanting to be attached a singular craft.  It was fun to putz from thing to thing as I desired working my way like a bumble bee from embroidery to quilting to sketching to crocheting to weaving.  Yes, I said weaving!  I picked up a miniature loom at the local thrift store along with some wool yarn.  The loom's previous owner had been using it to do some bead weaving, but I strung it up with the wool using two sticks pounded into the ground as a warping board.  My brother Nick whittled two shuttles for me that work great.  It's a short warp; so the finished product will only be appropriate for dolls, but I'm hoping to make straps for bags on it in the future.  It was a great week full of surprises and traditions including the family tie dye project. 

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