Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pinwheel Enters Brick and Morter

It's consumer season, and I decided to try selling my merchandise in an actual store in addition to  the virtual Etsy one and gypsy-likev art/craft fairs.  This week I took my burgeoning bins of goods and unloaded them at American Artworks Gallery in Forest Park.  This is a co-op type business where the artist members contribute towards rent and the owner takes a percentage of the sales.  If ever there was a time to try this method out, it is now.  If you are in the neighborhood and want to do some shopping or just want to check out the work of 74 artisans/artists than do take a look.  The Gallery is on Madison St. in Forest Park which is great scene for restaurants and boutiques.   You won't be bored.  That is all. 
Packaged Garland (I don't have a picture of the shop, check out the website!)

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