Friday, November 22, 2013

Pilgrim Enrichment Week 4 (Final Week)

Finished owl
 I very much enjoyed my experience teaching pre-schoolers.  I had a really great group of kids and learned a lot from them.  Their approach to art is so absent of anxiety and full of bravery and experimentation.  They are fluid, fun, and work without hesitation.   I love that they savor the various processes--such as pushing paint around on paper, running their hands through a bowl of uncooked pasta, and marveling at color of all kinds.  I can totally relate. 

Today, I was trying to survey what projects they liked best and which they didn't favor.  Each student named a different preferred project, but nobody said they disliked anything except Penelope who said she didn't like getting glue on her hands.  At any rate, I came away with a renewed interest in teaching and very much inspired to be more experimental, flexible, and playful in my own work.  I definitely need to splatter some paint or get glue on my hands and see what happens.  
finished owl (glue not dried yet)

Finished owl

colored pasta and pipe cleaners

sculpture with styrofoam base, pipe cleaners, and pasta

Home for peg person.  This one is for a tiger, actually

Peek A Boo

Ornaments made of cardboard discs with slots cut into them and yarn tucked into slots.  A couple of these are jelly fish

Another Domicile.  Note: tape is colored/patterned masking tape

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