Monday, September 2, 2013

Chicago Homicides Related to Gun Violence in August

Name Unknown, Name Unknown, Rico Lawrence, Anthony Dickerson, Dwan Long, Andre Bradford, Pierce Curry, Lakeisha Tate, Lavender Hearnes,Telkia Burns, Omar Castel, Ronald Henry, Lenardo Allison,Darius Oliver,Jerrell Brooks, Bearling Robinson, Jeremy McGrone,Antione Green, Willie Bush, Daquan Boyd,Jose Delafuenti, Kyle Hogan, Name Unknown, Dequantay Bingmon, Eric Chism, Kelly Coca, Karla Eguez, Antonio Alves, Ralph McNeal, Jacoby Herron, Kenneth Barbour, Jason Scott, Demetrius Cooper, LeAndre Cooper, Jonathan Murray, Clifton Balentine, Francisco Chairez-Munoz, Willie Clark, Kevin Williams,

 Note:  I began listing the names of those who died from gun violence in Chicago out of frustration and disgust of mass shootings in elementary schools, of those babies and toddlers killed in crossfire, and the prospect that we are losing our young people at time when they are most needed to be leaders of our communities.  I wanted to develop this project into something more artful but have not had any productive ideas. 

When I read the list of homicides I only paste the names of those listing gunshot in the final column.  I skip the assaults, stabbings, and child abuse in order to show the destructive power of these firearms, but I can't help and feel that those killed by any other means are no less tragic and horrible.  Yes, perhaps that five-year-old caught in crossfire might still be alive had a gun not been used, but would another violent act have taken its place?  In the end, it's the feeling that great risks have to be taken in order to make a life worth living.  In fact taking others lives to secure your own life--to save your own life is the only way out of your otherwise limited, impoverished life.  In fact how can life be worth living if there are systematic barriers preventing you from having meaningful, well-paid work which allows you to take care of your family---meeting all their needs of nourishment, housing, education, and healthcare?

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